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Lavender Lemon Wood Polish

Transform a household task into an aromatherapy experience by applying this lavender and lemon wax. Your furniture will gleam.


Lavender Orange Fine Leather Conditioner

Leather furniture, handbags, and shoes can be conditioned and cleaned with our all natural conditioner. Lavender and orange oils leave a refreshing fragrance.


Lavender Cedar Boot and Saddle

Maintain and repair your shoes and other leather goods as well as boots and saddles with this conditioner fragranced by essential oils of lavender and cedar. A must for hard-working leather.


Large Lavender Sachet

Our sachets are 100% lavender buds with no fillers. They make delightful gifts and add a lovely fragrance to drawers, closets and clothing. Keep one in the car as well. Packed in organza bags, they add a nice aroma to any room in your home.

Temporarily out of stock.


Small Lavender Sachet

Use these small sachets to tie onto a gift package or as party or wedding favors. Like our other sachets they add fragrance in drawers, closets, automobiles and any room in your home.

Temporarily out of stock.


Lavender Dryer Sachets

Place one sachet in your dryer with a load of wet wash for a lovely fragrance. Sewn closed so that they won't come apart in the dryer, each of them can be used up to eight times. They also make fine utility sachets for your wool blankets at a very good price. Each three-pack contains a full 2.5 oz. of lavender buds.

Temporarily out of stock.


Lavender Cedar Sachet

This sachet is filled with lavender buds and New Mexico cedar. One of our best sellers, these dual-purpose sachets help repel moths and give your dresser drawers and closets a delightful fragrance.

Temporarily out of stock.


Lavender Linen Water


This pure and natural hydrosol is more commonly known as lavender water. Spray into your linen closet, onto your sheets and pillowcases. and at bedtime experience its freshness and the relaxation it brings as you drift off to sleep in a lavender mist.


Lavender Essential Oil

Santa Fe Lavender's essential oil is pure, unadulterated and natural. Good for insomnia, insect bites and stings, as well as in the bath -- you will find many other uses for this exquisite oil.


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