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Handcrafted Soaps

We make our soaps ourselves in small batches so that they will nurture your skin from youth to maturity. Gentle enough for your face and fragrant with essential oils, each bar lathers luxuriously and will last a long time. Our soap is made using the time-tested cold process method and we take pride in the quality of the oils we have selected to formulate these soaps.  We are always adding new essential oil blends so check back often.

* We test our soap on family and friends!  We do not use animal products or ingredients tested on animals.

Lavender Soap

Our lavender soap has a clean fresh aroma reminiscent of a lavender field in full bloom. Lavender soap has been a favorite for a long long time, and as you enjoy the fragrance of this cleansing bar, you will remember why.


Lavender Rose Soap

Lavender Rose marries two of the most loved fragrances of women everywhere. Cleanse your skin from head to toe and fascinate him with this beguiling scent.


Jasmine Soap

Evocative of the Far East, the legendary sweetness of jasmine will ease you into your day (or night) gently and luxuriously. Equally desirable for day and night use, you will enjoy its fragrance all around the clock.


Lavender Lemon Soap

As one of our products most enjoyed by both women and men, the fragrance of our lemon verbena fragranced soap will energize you and ready you to meet deadlines and other daily challenges with vigor and energy to spare.


Lavender Blue Soap

This soap has an old-fashioned fragrance you may recognize. It cleanses and mosturises for a delightful bathing experience.


Lavender Green Soap

Men and women enjoy this elegant soap which is scented with a blend of essential oils that gives it a depth of fragrance to pleasure both of you. Our customers tell us that the minty fragrance lifts their spirits.


Lavender Citrus Soap with Calendula

Nothing smells fresher than this lovely citrus soap with calendula as a gentle exfoliant. We add lavender essential oil for a winning combination. Refreshing for him as well as her, this soap will turn your daily shower into a spa-like experience.


Oatmeal Soap

This soothing soap has a fragrance loved by virtually everyone. Good for sensitive skin, it cleanses, mosturises and exfoliates.


Lavender Linen Soap

Start the day off right with our elegant lavender linen soap. You will love the clear and fresh fragrance of this white-on-white soap bar.


Lavender Tea Tree Soap

This popular soap containing a proprietary essential oil blend leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Nag Champa Soap

Evocative of the mystery and fragrance of India. It will be appreciated by the man in your life, as well as yourself


Soap Trio

We are pleased to offer this delightful combination for those who like variety. It includes a Lavender Rose, a Lavender Citrus with Calendula and a pure Lavender Soap. A great buy! You can get all three for yourself and a thoughtful gift for a special friend. For a different combination of soaps, change the selection on the right before adding to cart.

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NEW! Sampler Soap Collection

Get one of each of our soaps at 12% off the full price! Your pack will include a total of nine soaps, one of each of the folowing: Lavender, Lavender Rose, Lavender Blue, Lavender Green, Lavender Citrus with Calendula, Lavender Linen, Lavender Tea Tree, Nag Champa, and Oatmeal.


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